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Important notice: Twitter shut down their v1 API and use now the v1.1. The jQuery plugin minitwitter doesn't exist anymore but the Wordpress plugin still exists. We encourage you to go on twitter and create your widget. For your Wordpess Blog, We created a new version of the plugin using the new API and widget.

To update your mini twitter feed you need to create a new widget and get your Twitter widget ID. You can update the id on the shortcode or widget. ([minitwitter id="TWITTER_WIDGET_ID" username="YOUR_USERNAME"] or in the field "id" in the widget section).

You get this Twitter Widget ID from the code provided by Twitter when you create it: data-widget-id="TWITTER_WIDGET_ID" or in the URL

This plugin designed by Hectopod: Frontend Developer, is related to A La Mode: Fashion Social Network. Share your style! and displays tweets on your Wordpress Blog, you can donwload the Wordpress plugin below. Check out the examples first:

You can add the shortcode [minitwitter id="YOUR_WIDGET_ID" username="YOUR_USERNAME"] on your posts or pages or use it like a widget.

You can limit the number of tweets displayed [minitwitter username="hectopod" limit=7]: here it will show the last 7 tweets of the user @hectopod

It is possible to add a list of users to show [minitwitter username="twitter" list="team"]: it will show the tweets of the list "team" of the "twitter" user.

you can show the tweets of a query [minitwitter query="#awesome"]: it will show the tweets from the query #awesome...

You can find the plugin on WordPress.

Here is the shortcode to post the last 5 tweets of Lady Gaga on your website:

[minitwitter id="YOUR_WIDGET_ID" username="ladygaga"]

Here is the code to show the last 3 tweets of Justin Bieber on your website (I know, it is already too much :D):

[minitwitter id="YOUR_WIDGET_ID" username="justinbieber" limit="3"]

Here is the code to follow the list "PEOPLE" of the hectopod account on your website:

[minitwitter id="YOUR_WIDGET_ID" username="hectopod" list="mt_people"]

Here is the code to search for a query like #awesome

[minitwitter id="YOUR_WIDGET_ID" query="awesome"]


You are all set! Enjoy!

Download the Wordpress plugin

Download the Wordpress plugin, unzip it and put it in the directory wp-content/plugins/ of your website:


Wordpress ZIP


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